Azerbaijan eVisa

About Azerbaijan eVisa

In January 2017, the Azerbaijan electronic visa was implemented along with the ASAN Visa system, which was an application process tool. The electronic visa was about to facilitate the visa handling process and speed up border controls after arrival.

The Azerbaijan visa is a single entry travel permit for travelers planning a short-term stay in the country. The document stays valid for 90 days (three months) and allows a one-month stay in Azerbaijan.

An Azerbaijan online visa may be simply obtained without visiting an embassy. Completing a few-step online application form, submitting required documents like a copy of a valid passport, and covering a fee of 69 euros take a few minutes. The approval comes in 72 hours to the applicant’s mailbox.

Prepare an electronic device with an internet connection and email address; ensure your passport is valid and apply for Azerbaijan eVisa.

Read more about Azerbaijan visa requirements, types, and validity period.

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Types of eVisa to Azerbaijan

A visa to Azerbaijan is available in one type, as a single entry 30-days electronic travel permit. It allows entering Azerbaijan’s border for tourism-related purposes like:

  • sightseeing
  • visiting family and friends
  • business
  • medical treatment

Arriving in the country for other reasons like work is impossible. Visit the embassy and ask for more information about work permits or other types of travel authorization.

The Azerbaijan visa allows one month (30 days) stay and expires after three months (90 days) from the date of issue. Traveling with an expired visa is forbidden and risks deportation.

The single travel permit may be used only once when crossing the border. No multiple-entry electronic visas are available. To arrive in Azerbaijan for a second time, you must apply for a new visa and go through the entire application procedure one more time.

How to apply for an electronic visa to Azerbaijan

Applying for a traditional paper visa may be a real chore, with lots of formalities, ununderstandable procedures, long queues, and money spent on office visits. Thanks to Azerbaijan online visa, applicants have a chance to skip most of these inconveniences.

To go through the application procedure without complications, travelers need a good internet connection and an active mailbox, as the approved visa will be delivered via email. With the basic requirements met, a simple few-step process to obtain the Azerbaijan eVsa may be started.

Please remember the visa will be approved only with a valid passport. It cannot expire in less than six months from the planned date of arrival in Azerbaijan.

  1. The applicant completes a short visa application form with personal information, passport details, and basic travel information. The given information must be correct to avoid rejection or delay in obtaining a travel permit.
  2. A visa fee must be covered. The cost of the Azerbaijan eVisa is 69 euros. All offered online payment methods are safe, so every applicant just chooses the most convenient electronic payment option for him. A payment confirmation will be delivered to the applicant’s email.
  3. The team of experts verifies the application, and the eVisa approval comes within a maximum of 72 hours after filling in a form and paying a fee. Travelers should remember to print the PDF file with the visa approval and keep it for the entire stay in Azerbaijan.

Please remember that the government of the Republic of Azerbaijan makes the final approval of the visa, so any delays result from necessary procedures.

Validity Period

The Azerbaijan eVisa is valid for 90 days (three months) from the date of issue and allows travelers for one 30-day stay, the maximum. Travelers who want to enter the country for the second time must apply for a new visa.

Please note that the electronic travel permit remains valid only with a valid passport, and at the moment of visa issue, the passport must have at least the next six months of validity.

Apply for Azerbaijan visa

Azerbaijan eVisa requirements

An eVisa application procedure is not complicated. A traveler needs a stable internet connection, a passport with a validity of 6 months, and an active email to obtain an online visa to Azerbaijan. Make sure you get a payment confirmation after completing a form and covering a visa fee. It equals accepting your application form, and the approval time starts counting. If a completed form has mistakes, it must be corrected and verified once again.nce again.

Requirements on arrival

When your electronic visa is approved, do not forget to print it and take it with you for the travel. A paper eVisa and a valid passport will be required when entering Azerbaijan. Without these two documents, the border officer will not let you into the country.

Travelers cannot stay in Azerbaijan without a valid travel permit or a passport. In case of loss, a traveler must inform relevant authorities and apply for a new document.