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About Sri Lanka ETA

Sri Lanka ETA is an electronic travel authorization introduced by the Sri Lankan government in 2012, January 1st. Its purpose was to simplify the application process and fasten ETA approval for those who want to travel or transit through Sri Lanka.

The ETA application form is easy to fill in. The procedure of obtaining the Sri Lankan visa takes up to 72 hours and can be done online without leaving home. The average processing time is 24 hours. The cost is 69 euros, and it is the same no matter the purpose of the travel.

There are three types of ETA to Sri Lanka – business, tourist, and transit visa. They allow to enter the country twice and stay valid for 30 days from the date of intended arrival in the country.

If you want to visit Sri Lanka and successfully go through the ETA application, prepare a valid passport, a device with a good connection to the internet, and get familiar with the following information concerning a tourist visa online.

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Sri Lanka eVisa types

The Sri Lankan government implemented three types of visas; the difference results from travel purposes. An ETA application starts with selecting the right type.

An applicant may choose between:

  • Tourist Visa – double-entry Sri Lankan visa is addressed to tourists. The document allows staying in the country for up to 30 days.
  • Business Visa – is also a double-entry travel permit issued for business purposes and allows holders to travel through Sri Lanka for a maximum of 30 days.
  • Transit Visa – lets visitors travel across Sri Lanka to other final destinations for up to 2 days; with such a document, visitors may only transit through Sri Lanka.

Please remeber that any type of Sri Lankan online visa is valid with a valid passport.

How to apply for ETA to Sri Lanka

The ETA application is a three-step online process that can be completed on any internet-connected electronic device. To start the process, an applicant needs a passport. The ETA approval is delivered via email, so it is necessary to provide a valid email address in the form.

Here is a simple three-step guide that every applicant may follow to get the ETA approval:

Fill in the ETA application form with your personal information, passport details, and basic travel information. Pay attention to the provided data. Mistakes may be reasons for delays or approval rejection.

Cover the ETA application fee with any of the available online payment methods. The cost is 69 euros for every type of eVisa. A payment confirmation will be delivered to your mailbox.

Check for ETA approval in your mailbox. Print a PDF file with an electronic visa accepted. Keep the document for your travel.

To ensure your ETA approval will come on time, apply for it at least three days before they travel. The maximum time of processing is up to 72 hours.

Apply for Sri Lanka visa

Validity period

Sri Lanka online visa is valid for six months from the date of issue. No matter if you travel for tourism, business, or transit purposes.

The difference concerns only the possible stay duration. For business and tourist ETA it is 30 days in total, with two entries possible. The second arrival to Sri Lanka may happen only within 30 days from the first entry.

For transit ETA the maximum stay is up to 2 days from the entry moment. The travel permit is also valid for six months.

Requirements for Sri Lanka ETA visa

ETA applicants do not have to fulfill endless requirements. All they need is a  passport that remains valid for the next six months and an electronic device connected to the internet.

An application form is based on personal details like name, date of birth, contact details, travel, and passport information.

Besides filling in a form and submitting necessary documents, each applicant must pay a service fee of 69 euros.

The ETA approval takes up to 3 days, so travelers must submit their application form at the latest 72 hours before arrival in Sri Lanka.

Requirements on arrival

After a successful ETA application, each traveler must print a copy of it and carry it during their stay in Sri Lanka. The visa is valid only with a valid passport. These documents will be checked upon arrival at border control. An electronic travel permit is not enough, so before the trip, make sure you have all documents with you, ready to show them to the official.


What is a Sri Lanka ETA?

Sri Lanka ETA is an electronic travel authorization launched by the Department of Immigration and Emigration of Sri Lanka to enable eligible foreigners to get an entry permit to the country in the easiest way. It allows travelers to visit Sri Lanka for tourism, business, and transit purposes. The application process takes place entirely online, so one can apply at any time and place.

Where do I get an ETA for Sri Lanka?

You are able to apply for Sri Lanka ETA by filling out a simple online form. After uploading the necessary documents and covering the service fee, you will have to wait for the application to get approved. The ETA for Sri Lanka will be delivered as a PDF document to your email address within 23 hours on average.

How long does it take to get a Sri Lanka ETA?

An applicant can complete the application form within several minutes. Then it is necessary to wait for the ETA approval. With our services, the processing time is usually only 23 hours!

How much in advance to apply for ETA to Sri Lanka?

If the application form is incomplete, or some errors have been made, the processing time may be prolonged. So even though the average time when using our service is 23 hours, it is better to apply at least 3 business days in advance to have an approved ETA on time even if there are some issues.